The basic energies are attenuated intensities of AMANDAN’s essence. Unlike pure essence, they are not subject to any restrictions or checks. They are freely accessible and they are all available on demand. They can be requested at any time and start flowing immediately at the time of commissioning. They reach people at any place and at any time.

Indications for the currently correct intensity can be inner resonance and attraction, available financial means as well as the strong rejection of the other intensity levels. Please note, it may well happen that after a certain time you change the intensity level or completely stop receiving a basic energy. Consider this as a sign of your own development.

The basic energies are now received by extraordinary people all over the world.


Basic energies are bookable on a yearly basis and only through this page. The subscription form has chosen, because no further action or reminder of the recipient is required to maintain the flow of energy uninterrupted, even beyond the period of one year.

The booking process is fully automated and is carried out by the global payment provider PayPal. This provides the desired simplicity and allows you to order the selected basic energy at any time and without our intervention. Furthermore, you can decide on a potential end and cancel the subscription in your own account at any time. If you do not yet have a PayPal account, this is created in a few minutes. You can find more information on the PayPal homepage.

Please note that no support from our team is available to you for these basic energies. An immediate termination of the energy flow is possible at any time by sending a short message to In this case you waive a refund.


The basic energy No. I. is a strongly attenuated intensity of AMANDAN’s essence. Its impact is extremely gentle and careful.

Annual fee:
$2,500,- excl. VAT

The basic energy No. I. can also be requested for the whole family (commissioner, partner & children) or for a specific person. It intuitively knows for which person(s) it is intended.

Annual fee:
$5,000,- excl. VAT

Special person:
Annual fee:
$2,500,- excl. VAT


The basic energy No. II. has a higher intensity than the basic energy No. I.. However, a commissioning for one’s own family or for another person is no longer possible from this intensity level.

Annual fee:
$15,000,- excl. VAT


The basic energy No. III. is the highest intensity level that can be received freely and directly. It shows a clear increase in intensity compared to the other two basic energies. Its effects can be very intense in phases.

Annual fee:
$125,000,- excl. VAT


In addition to the three basic energies mentioned, there is another energy that can be received directly and annually. The intensity of this energy is below the basic energy No. I and is therefore the lightest and most gentle energy that can be received from AMANDAN.

This energy is often received by people who are extremely sensitive and / or have few financial resources, but do not feel poor, and still want to enjoy a connection with AMANDAN.

The fee of this energy is one symbolic dollar per day. The booking conditions are analogous to those of the basic energies. We will not check your financial situation. You yourself feel and decide which energy is right for you.

Annual fee:
$365,- excl. VAT

This energy can also be requested for the whole family (commissioner, partner and children). It also intuitively knows which person(s) it is intended for.

Annual fee:
$1.000,- excl. VAT