The essence of AMANDAN is considered to be completely flawless and absolutely pure. It is said that it serves the true nature of everyone it touches. For many it is the noblest energy in the world.

Among the recipients are members of royal families, world stars of the art scenes, luminaries of science, influential spiritual and clerical figures, significant entrepreneurs and philanthropists, and even presidents. In addition to individuals, it is famous global brands, world-renowned museums and art houses, Grand hotels and exceptional restaurants (primarily 3 Michelin-Stars) as well as selected elite universities and noble manufactories that ask AMANDAN for his essence.


Even though one’s career to date may be impressive, professional activity or degree of influence, success or achievement and recognition extraordinary, they are merely accessories and can at most be an expression of one’s potential. Only who has the corresponding inner condition and willingness and the sufficient financial means, whose request for conception of his essence agrees AMANDAN. How it is about this inside, he perceives intuitively.


Companies and organizations, in their entirety, are dedicated to the good of the world and are characterized by radical ideality in their concerns. They all strive for naturalness, excellence and the extraordinary. How these matters are handled is at the sole discretion of AMANDAN.


A connection with AMANDAN’s essence is for life. It is customary when requesting to communicate one’s own ideas of an appropriate remuneration. Requests without this mention will be disregarded. If you have a personal recommendation from a recipient, let us know with your request.

AMANDAN is strict in his selection. There are years in which he did not accept a single request for conception. In case of rejection, there is the possibility to apply again in the following year.


Person of contact:
Freya Silberling

Person of contact:
Companies & Organizations
Uwe Darnshofer