The connection with AMANDAN is an extremely intimate and personal matter that does not need publicity. For this reason, we generally do not publish any information on persons, companies and organisations. If desired, an advancement may be received entirely anonymously.

All AMANDAN services develop their full effect at the place of the recipient. For this reason, no special places of meeting or fellowship were created, nor was an organization with a fixed headquarters established.

Contact with AMANDAN is free of beliefs, philosophies, ideologies or world views. He does not give seminars, satsangs or lectures, nor does he teach. He is also not interested in interviews, public appearances or personal encounters. Corresponding inquiries and invitations remain unanswered.

We strictly adhere to discretion and disinterest in notoriety and publicity. You won’t find interviews, announcements, books, publications and statements on our part. We know that there is always relevant information to be found. However, you can be sure: If you find something, it is most likely not true and certainly not from us!