“The embrace of the world.”


This is the official homepage of AMANDAN. He is considered a prodigy of century and exceptional genius.

AMANDAN’s energies now serve more than two hundred thousand people around the world – among them some of the most extraordinary and significant people of our time. In addition to individuals, well-known companies and organizations benefit from his services.

AMANDAN works and creates from the being by itself and essentially serves the world in its entirety. On these pages you will find complementary offers for a targeted and individual advancement. The spectrum is designed for different individuals and natures, so that an advancement corresponding to one’s own nature can be selected and received.

A contact with AMANDAN is free of beliefs, philosophies, ideologies or worldviews. He does not give seminars, satsangs or lectures, nor does he teach. He is also not interested in interviews, public appearances or personal meetings. Corresponding inquiries and invitations remain unanswered.

The connection with AMANDAN is an extremely intimate and personal matter, which does not require any publicity. For this reason, as a matter of principle, we do not publish details of individuals, companies and organizations on their life and existence. If desired, it is possible to contact him completely anonymously and receive an advancement.

We keep it strictly with discretion and disinterest in popularity and public. Interviews, announcements, books, publications and statements you will look for in vain. We know that every now and then there is relevant information to be found. However, you can be sure: If you find something, it is most likely not true and most certainly not from us!