On these pages you will find offers for a targeted and individual advancement of your own being. The spectrum is designed for different individuals and natures, so that a support corresponding to one’s own nature can be selected and received.

AMANDAN first gained notoriety in 2007 when he appeared in the dream of the American musician Prince Rogers Nelson† and changed his consciousness fundamentely. Meanwhile, some of the most influential and extraordinary people are directly connected to AMANDAN. In addition to individuals, it is well-known companies and organizations that use his services.

Below are a handful of these eulogies from people who were associated with AMANDAN during their lifetime. Publication is at the express request of the persons listed.

The photographer Peter Lindbergh† called AMANDAN the “concierge of the unbelievable”. Zen master Thích Nhất Hạnh† spoke of a “revelation”. Dr. Faisal Al-Yasin † (father of Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan) called him a “Mighty Master of the Invisible World”. Anshu Jain† (former CEO of Deutsche Bank) titled him an “exceptional genius” and “century prodigy”. Micaela D´Orléans† (former Countess of Paris) paraphrased AMANDAN with “The Embrace of the World”.

Welcome to the world of AMANDAN